Committed to Quality ABA Services

Who We Are

We are an ABA services provider that specializes in autism treatment. We work with children and adolescents with developmental differences. We engage professionals who have a passion for changing lives. Our goal is to have individuals who are empowered and fulfilled. We personalized our services based on an individual’s unique needs, ensuring they reach their fullest potential and become wholesome individuals in the community. We aim to provide them with a safe and nurturing space where learning opportunities are stepping stones for their growth and well-being.

We foster an encouraging community that establishes meaningful connections for individuals with autism and other developmental challenges. We believe that collaboration, compassion, and holistic support maximize their potential.

kids reading a book with a man

Our Mission Statement

Care Autism exists to provide a compassionate and nurturing environment in which children and adolescents with autism can reach their fullest potential. Our team of skilled and passionate therapists provides high-quality, evidence-based services uniquely tailored to each individual and family. Using a person-centered approach, we emphasize collaboration with families, therapists, and the community. The goal is to help create empowered adults, understanding, acceptance, and inclusion.

Our Vision Statement

Through excellent standards of care, we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients. We envision a world where individuals with autism have personalized, comprehensive and holistic support, enabling them to thrive in their abilities and every opportunity. Our goal is to have empowered and fulfilled individuals as they develop essential life skills, achieve their goals and foster meaningful relationships.

Any Inquiries?

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